Are blue diamonds more expensive than white?

May 31st 2024

Diamonds have long held our fascination, their luminescent sparkle is a symbol of love, commitment, and luxury. However, there lies another surprise treasure trove - fancy coloured diamonds! With vibrant yellow hues, fiery red tones, and captivating blue shades taking up residency within each stone's surface layer; we explain these fascinating diamonds further today in terms of rarity, value, and why are blue diamonds more expensive than white!

Understanding Diamond Color

Diamonds are valued largely for their colourlessness; according to GIA standards, D represents the most colourless and valuable stones. But nature goes further: fancy coloured diamonds with vibrant hues form part of nature itself - including blue ones which get their unique hue thanks to the presence of the element boron within its crystal structure.

Blue Diamonds Are Rare

The diamond formation is a marvel in itself, necessitating immense heat and pressure over millions of years to form the precious gems we now call diamonds. Blue diamonds take this rarity further by having specific geological conditions essential for their colour requiring their presence - for instance in Australia, South Africa, or India producing blue diamonds which results in much smaller yields per mine than their colourless cousins and thus drives up prices significantly. This inherent scarcity contributes significantly towards making blue diamonds increasingly rare among buyers today.

The Charm of Blue: A Value Proposition

Diamonds are valued based on four criteria - cut, clarity, colour and carat weight - but blue diamonds truly shine due to their captivating blue hue, from baby blue through sapphire blue - making it prized among collectors and connoisseurs for its rarity and lasting demand compared with white stones. When coupled together this value proposition yields significantly higher prices per carat than with white stones.

Finding Your Ideal Diamond: Beyond Color

While blue diamonds may captivate, their allure should never overshadow other aspects that determine their value and beauty, such as cut, clarity and fire. At EX3 Diamonds our expert gemologists carefully select diamonds with exceptional cuts clarity fire to guarantee each is an eye-catching masterpiece of light and brilliance - no matter whether white or blue in hue!

A World of Scintillation: White Diamonds Still Reign Supreme

White diamonds continue to reign supreme when it comes to fine jewellery pieces such as engagement rings and fine bracelets, known for their timeless beauty and versatility. For those searching for statement pieces that stand out, a 5-carat blue Diamond Half Bezel Tennis Bracelet in 14k White or Yellow Gold could add vibrant colour to any ensemble!

EX3Diamonds - Diamonds for Every Desire

Blue diamonds stand apart in the world of gemstones thanks to their captivating colour and incredible rarity, placing them as prized investments with undeniable beauty that commands more coveted investments compared to white ones. Though their price point may be more costly compared to their white counterparts, their investment potential and exceptional beauty make them prized luxuries; but white ones remain superior with timeless beauty making white the diamond of choice when looking to mark life's special moments!

At EX3 Diamonds we carry both blue & white diamonds so that our clients find what makes them truly perfect diamonds to capture those special moments while celebrating life's special events with joyous ease!